Fund Raising Manager

The position for a fund raising manager within the club is now a requirement for the ongoing expansion and development of the clubs needs. The position will ideally be filled by a person with previous experience. The role will involve the following:


· Being a pivotal role within the management of the club and attending monthly meetings

· Setting up and sustaining a fund raising sub- committee and reporting to the management meeting on activities and seeking approval for fund raising campaigns

· Co-ordinating all fund raising activities across all sections of the club

· Co-ordinating and ensuring proper execution of grants with our funding partners.

· Liaising with our fund management consultants to ensure we are receiving the correct levels of service and information flows between the parties on a timely basis


This role is voluntary and will take on average 5 hours per week. If you are interested please contact Paul at with details of why you are interested in the role and your previous experience.

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